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WordPress Gutenberg themes are starting to show up on theme sites, so I decided to start posting a few for you to check out from a new site called Rough Pixels.

Salal WordPress Theme

Salal is a WordPress theme ready for Gutenberg

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Salal is a WordPress theme that is ready for the Classic and Gutenberg editors. It marks the first theme release from a new theme site called Rough Pixels. Perfect timing because WordPress 5.0 is soon to be released and the Gutenberg editor will be part of it.

Salal Features

The Salal WordPress theme is designed with a distinctive style that makes it perfect for magazine based blogs. Whether you are creating a fashion, lifestyle, interior design, or any other type of website, you get enough features to make it possible. To see more information about Salal, visit RoughPixels.com  and try the Free Download.

One of the more popular features is the fact the free version has 9 blog layout styles (12 on the premium). The free version also gives you the ability to change the “Continue Reading” post link to to say something different. Or how about creating cropped featured images for consistent style.

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