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My first blog post and a quick intro of what is yet to come

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It’s taken a while for me to get this going because I’ve been busy with another project, but I can easily say now that my personal and business blog is live! So let me start with an introduction of what this blog is about and how to create a blog and learn how to make it easier with creative ideas.

Creating the Blog Concept

After the lightbulbs went off in my head, my concept for this website is to show you how to create a blog or start a website with tips and tutorials that will guide you through what can often be confusing and overwhelming. I know there are plenty of great websites on the net that gives you amazing advice, but I plan to do things a little different. My focus is going to take you through the decision making process and then on to the actual development of your very own website.

Learning WordPress

One of the things I plan to write about is to help you learn WordPress…more so the basics of it. Again, there are a lot of WordPress tutorials out there, but I want to give you a fresh perspective based on my years of experience working with WordPress. Learning WordPress is going to require a little extra time on your part, but hopefully making things easier for you will bypass all the technical and messy aspects of creating a website.

Learning Joomla!

Yes, I know, why did I bring up the Joomla! content management system…the truth is, this blog is not just about WordPress only, it’s about HTML static websites and also Joomla! I’ve got 10 years of Joomla experience to share with you. Who knows, I might even end up converting some WordPress users to Joomla users (or vice versa).


While I was planning on what concept I should do for this blog site of mine, I found myself in a dilema of whether or not to provide you with themes, whether free or paid. Usually if you are looking for themes, you would go to an actual theme shop, but a blog site like mine? Sure, why not! So the plan is to design a couple themes at least and make them available to you. I just might design a Joomla version so you have a choice.

In Summary

The blog is new, and I guess you can say this is in the beta stage. There will be a few tweaks and adjustments along the way so if you have any ideas of topics to discuss, feel free to let me know in the comments.

A Little Update – October 19, 2018

I just redesigned a new theme for my blog here as some may notice it’s a bit different from what I had before. I also see a light at the end of a long tunnel that should get me back in focus to start writing more blog posts.


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